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Hurricane Sandy Devastation – A Sign of Things To Come?

Has YOUR home or office been damaged by Sandy?  If yes, contact us today at 732-244-4451 for a FREE no obligation consultation.  No legal fees or costs unless we collect money for YOU.

Superstorm Sandy Seminars
Many people have sustained considerable property damage in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy and since most property damage claims have not been settled as of yet, there is still plenty of time to seek legal advice prior to reporting a claim or while the claim is being adjudicated. Or, if you are not satisfied with your insurance company’s assessment and consequential reimbursement, there is still time to appeal your insurer’s decision. To learn more and register online click here ...

With ‘Storms of the Century’ seeming to bring their destructive powers annually, is Hurricane Sandy (as preceded by Hurricane Irene as well as the freak snow storm of October 2012) a sign of things to come in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York?

If so, it is imperative that your home, businesses, commercial property or investment real estate is properly and adequately protected through your purchase of comprehensive homeowner’s, business-owners or commercial property and casualty insurance. Regretfully, simply having the appropriate insurance is not always enough.

No Legal Fees or Costs unless we collect money for YOU!
Call the experts today at 732-244-4451 or submit the FREE Case Evaluation form today.

Although Hurricane Sandy has clearly caused billions of dollars of damages, there are likely instances where insurance claims will not be promptly or adequately paid or worse case, even denied outright. This is where it becomes necessary for a policyholder to fight their own insurance carrier to protect their legal rights based upon the policy of insurance they purchased for the peace of mind of knowing that their home, business, commercial property or investment real estate would be protected.

For example, one common denial of a legitimate property damage claim would be for an insurance carrier or claims adjuster to advise the policyholder that the damage is flood damage, which is typically not covered in a typical homeowners, business-owners or commercial property and casualty insurance policy. Individuals whom find themselves in this position should realize that they do not have to accept this explanation as gospel and they should consult with an experienced property damage lawyer whom can carefully analyze the situation in order to dispute the improper denial of your property damage insurance claim.

Insurance carriers have extensive financial resources on their side, which is why policyholders have to even the playing field by retaining an experienced property damage lawyer to fight for them. Oftentimes, policyholders represented by the right lawyer may find themselves in even a better position than they were before disaster struck.

When We Can Help You

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Porcelli can help you at ALL stages of your Hurricane Sandy Property Damage Claim – either before you report the claim, while the claim is pending, if your claim was denied or if your claim was not handled properly. Our goal is to maximize the valuation of your claim as expeditiously as possible. You start the process of learning about your legal rights with your FREE, No Obligation Confidential Telephonic Consultation with one of the members of our law firm.

What We Can Do To Help You

Typically, your homeowners, business-owners, or commercial property insurance carrier usually must provide coverage for damage to your home, business, commercial or real estate investment property caused by Hurricane Sandy. Due to the severe weather that New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida have experienced over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in property damage to homes, businesses, commercial buildings and real estate investment property related to hurricanes and storm activity. This damage could be fairly minimal or severe – we can help you under any circumstance. And remember, you may have hidden damages that may greatly exceed your insurance policy limits and we will work hard to ensure that you receive everything to which you are entitled.

If you have a good faith belief that you have sustained damages caused by a hurricane or storm, your insurance company has a statutory and fiduciary duty to promptly and properly investigate this damage. They first make an initial inspection at your property and if the adjuster believes that the damages noted could possibly be caused by a hurricane or storm, then they must obtain written estimates from certified and licensed contractors to repair said damages (or offer you funds for Loss of Use or Additional Living Expenses if the home or dwelling in severely damaged).

There are many potential hazards in dealing with your insurance company, several of which include delaying the evaluation of your claim, denying you the fair market value you deserve in a settlement or even denying coverage for your claim. Your insurance company oftentimes only retains experts whom they believe will provide less than the ‘gold standard’ in repair estimates. In other cases the investigations conducted by the experts retained by your insurance company may be inadequate or incomplete and therefore resulting in flawed results. Finally, many insurance companies recommend sub-standard repair methods to minimize the settlement or repair costs of your storm, wind, lightning or hurricane loss. Your insurance policy alone is not enough to guarantee you coverage or a fair representation from your insurance carrier.

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Porcelli, P.A. has represented numerous homeowners in disputes with their insurance company with regard to Hurricane, Storm, Wind, Flood, Water, Lightning, Mold or Sewage claims, quite possibly even someone in your neighborhood. Most people do not have the experience of resolving a property damage claim with their insurance company and are at a decided disadvantage vis-à-vis their insurance company. Our years of experience in assisting policyholders helps level the playing field to your benefit by thoroughly investing your damages in an expedient and professional manner. Our goal is to maximize the valuation of your claim as expeditiously as possible.

How You Pay For Our Legal Services

We offer a FREE Same Day phone consultation and we always accept Hurricane, Storm, Wind, Flood, Water, Lightning, Mold or Sewage cases on Contingency Fee Basis (NO legal fees unless we collect money for YOU!). Putting it in another way, if we do not obtain a recovery on your behalf, you will owe us NOTHING in legal fees nor do you have to reimburse us for your costs / expenses of our legal representation. Furthermore, if your insurance company did not follow strict guidelines in evaluating and paying your claim, they may be subject to a potential “Bad Faith” lawsuit, which may provide you with additional compensation beyond that listed in your insurance policy. In summary, you have nothing to lose and all to gain if you retain us to assist you in your hurricane or storm claim. Call Us Today – Toms River, New Jersey Office at 732-244-4451, Toll Free at 877-LAW-9191, Law Firm Cellular Telephone (24 hours / 7 days) at 727-457-8647 or submit the FREE case evaluation form.

No Legal Fees or Costs unless we collect money for YOU!
Call the experts today at 732-244-4451 or submit the FREE Case Evaluation Form today.

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